About us

Le Floch Dépollution first started working in the oil spill response field in 1967, following the oil tanker Torrey Canyon shipwreck.

In 1998, the Le Floch Dépollution company was created and established itself as a major player in this branch following the wreckage of the oil tanker Erika.

Le Floch Dépollution's many interventions enabled the company to strengthen its skills by integrating hydrocarbon waste management into its activity and to specialize in the decontamination of soil contaminated by hydrocarbons.

Given the strong market demand, the company developped a global offer for the industrial and urban clean-up and waste management, including the rehabilitation of polluted sites and landfills, the exploitation of biogas and the treatment of leachates.

Specialized since the very beginning in handling large sites, the company has also developped service activities such as management of urban and industrial sludge.

Today, LE FLOCH DEPOLLUTION remains a significant player in the oil spill response field but is also a key actor iin the field of industrial and urban clean-up and waste management.