Sludge Treatment

  • Liquid, pasty, oily sludge, flotation sludge, drilling sludge, etc...

  • Collection, dewatering, transport and recovery of sludge in a suitable treatment center

  • Selection of the optimal volume reduction technique

  • Two-phase and three-phase centrifuges, sludge pumping and conditioning equipment (screen, grinder, etc.)

Leachates treatment

  • Installation and commissioning of the unit, pumping and treatment of leachates, analyses

  • Treatment of sludge and other by-products from leachate treatment, management of per-meate or concentrate discharge

  • Rental of mobile units

  • Reverse osmosis treatment, physico-chemical installations, floatation separator, filtering equipment, resins, sand, activated charcoal, ATEX pumping systems etc.

Dredging and Mowing services

  • Dredging operations of sludge lagoons (homogenization, pumping, dewatering)

  • Mowing services (plants, algae etc.) in water treatment plants, rivers, ponds etc.