• Our teams of highly skilled professional offer you tailor-made mobile wastewater and sludge treatment solutions in order to find the best treatment process adapted to your specific needs

  • Our treatment solutions include an optimized management of the production of waste while respecting safety regulations and standards

  • We also offer emergency solutions for your operations requiring a fast and effective intervention

Water & Sludge Treatment

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Our services

  • Boues liquides, pâteuses, huileuse, de flottation, de curage, de forage etc...

  • Collecte, déshydratation, transport et valorisation des boues

  • Sampling & analysis

  • Selection of the most optimal technique for volume reduction

  • Collection equipment adapted to the volume and distance from the treatment site

  • Search for the most adapted treatment sites according to the residus quality while keeping material or energy recovery as a priority

Nos moyens

  • Biphasic or triphasic centrifuges

  • Plate Filter-presses

  • Equipment for sludge pumping and conditioning (screen, crusher etc.)

Leachates treatment

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Our services :

  • Installation and commissioning of the unit

  • Pumping and treatment of the leachates

  • Analysis

  • Management of permeates and concentrates

  • Rental of mobile units

Our equipment :

  • Reverse osmosis mobile units

  • Physico-chemical installations

  • Floatation separator, filtering equipment, resins, sand, activated charcoal, ATEX pumping systems etc.)

Dredging and Mowing services

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Our services

  • Dredging operations of sludge lagoons (homogenization, pumping, dewatering)

  • Mowing services (plants, algae etc.) in water treatment plants, rivers, ponds etc.