Le 09/04/2024

Supply of containerized and motorized reels

We have just completed the production of 2 custom-made motorized (thermal and electric) and containerized reels for our customer EUROSORB.

These reels will enable the storage and deployment of several hundred meters of anti-pollution boom.

👉 Containerization protects the reel and facilitates storage and handling in port areas, warehouses etc.

👉 Boom deployment and reeling procedures are made easier for operators thanks to the reel's motorization, and enable faster reaction in the event of an oil spill.

Don't hesitate to contact us - we'll adapt to YOUR needs!

 Le 03/01/2024

Sludge dredging and dewatering, France

Le Floch Dépollution also offers sludge treatment services. In December, we intervened in Cleppé (42), France for a sludge dredging and dewatering operation as part of the rehabilitation of a rainwater retention basin. 

👉Our TRUXOR amphibious machine was mobilized for the dredging/pumping operation,

👉The sludge was then transferred to our mobile dewatering unit for dewatering.

🙏 We would like to thank COLAS and Vinci Autoroutes for placing their trust in us for these operations.

 Le 20/11/2023

Training oil spill response,New-Caledonia

Two of our experts travelled to 🇳🇨 New Caledonia from November 7 to 10, 2023 to carry out theoretical and practical training for the deployment of oil spill response equipment for SLN - Le Nickel personnel.

This equipment, some of which was designed specifically for SLN's needs, was supplied via our local partner Speed Marine :

- 400 m of containment boom

- Boom storage trailers with reel and hydraulic power pack

- Self-supporting tanks

- Trailers with storage box containing skimmers, pumps and hoses

🎯The program of this training included :

📚 Theoretical part with presentation of equipment and response strategies depending on the nature of the pollution,

🛠 A practical session with exercises for containment and recovery of the pollutant along the quay, trawling tests and maneuvering with the boom, as well as pump and boom maintenance.

🙏We would like to thank the SLN teams for their hospitality and motivation throughout this training course.

 Le 16/11/2023

Technical assistance, Pointe-Noire, Congo

Our company has been working for several months with the Port Autonome de Pointe-Noire as part of the Technical Assistance to the QSSE Department project. We are collaborating with ANTEA and supervising the part concerning pollution control at sea and on land.

 Le 16/10/2023

Pollutec 2023 exhibition, Lyon, France

We are delighted to have taken part in this edition, which was a success for Le Floch Dépollution and in particular for the reverse osmosis water treatment activity! 🙏 Thank you to all our visitors for a very busy week for our team!

 Le 05/07/2023

Intervention MT Princess Empress, Philippines

Le Floch Dépollution is proud to have been appointed by The Shipowners'​ Club to conduct shoreline clean-up operations following the oil spill of the MT Princess Empress in Naujan, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. Our team was deployed on March 9th, 2023 in Mindoro and Semirara Islands.

Different types of shorelines have been affected (mangroves, rocky and sandy shores) which will require the deployment of specific techniques in which our company is specialized in. These operations represent a logistical challenge as the islands impacted are remote areas with limited access that our team has already experienced in the past.


We thank The Shipowners'​ Club for their trust by appointing us and ITOPF for recommending us to take on this new challenge and will deploy our best efforts as usual to help the Philippines face this spill.


More information here :

 Le 11/01/2023

Supply of oil spill equipment, HAROPA Ports

Le Floch Dépollution also supply tailor-made oil spill equipments such as containerized boom reels. We are proud to have supplied 6 systems to the Port of Le Havre, France in December 2022. Those 20’ feet containers include a boom reel hydraulically driven that can store 200 m of MultiPurpose Boom 1500 each. 

 Le 21/12/2022

Rehabilitation of a landfill on the island of Ouessant

Very nice article on the cleanup operations 🌊♻️ we conducted on the Bouge Pep landfill on the island of #Ouessant this year, an exceptional challenge that our teams were able to meet! 👏👏

 Le 21/11/2022

Soil remediation, French Guyana

Last October, we completed one of our operations for the EDF Pariacabo thermal power plant in Kourou. Several operations were carried out there:

♻️ Biological treatment of soils contaminated by hydrocarbons using the biopile technique,

👷‍♂️Rehabilitation/sealing of the treatment area by combining a geotextile protection and a geomembrane (extrusion weldings).

We also intervened for the Dégrad-des-Cannes plant from 2018 to 2019 for the same problem. Two types of treatment were then carried out:

♻️ Treatment of the least contaminated soils by biopile

👷‍♂️ Treatment of the most contaminated soils with calcium oxide

This marks the end of our operations for EDF in this beautiful region! 🦜🌴 Mèrsi Lagwiyan 🦎🚀!

👉 More information here

 Le 14/11/2022

The 9th Regional Conference of the GI WACAF - Accra, Ghana

We are very pleased to have been able to participate in the 9th Regional Conference of the GI WACAF which took place from 7th to 10th November 2022 in Accra, Ghana. The event was a great success and we would like to thank the organizers (Ipieca & International Maritime Organization) for their support in organizing and delivering the workshops and technical demonstrations.

👉 More information on the GI WACAF website

 Le 30/07/2022

Le Floch Dépollution Corporate Video 2022

What do you do at Le Floch Dépollution? Many people ask us this question. We think there is no better way than pictures and videos to explain!

 Le 04/07/2022

Clean-up operations of local ports, France

Le Floch Dépollution made an intervention during 5 weeks on the ports of Rosmeur, Port Rhu and Tréboul of the city of Douarnenez, France.

In total, 27 tons of waste lying on the seabed of these harbor areas have been collected!!! Among them, a lot of tires, bicycles, chairs, fishing traps and lures, pieces of nets, bottles etc...

The objective of these operations being to avoid the fragmentation of waste into micro particles of plastic and other materials that represent a source of pollution for sediments, water and living resources and thus preserve marine biodiversity.

We thank the Parc Naturel Matin d'Iroise and Office français de la biodiversité for their trust.

 Le 09/05/2022

Interspill 2022 Exhibition, Amsterdam

Le Floch Dépollution will attend the Interspill 2022 Exhibition at RAI Amsterdam from 21st to 23rd June. Visit our stand C59!

 Le 14/04/2022

Clean-up operations in local ports, France

The Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise has once again commissioned the company Le Floch Dépollution to collect underwater macro waste, in Lanildut (from March 29 to April 1st, 2022).

These operations allowed us once again to recover more than 3 tons of waste (tires, nets, batteries). 

► Press release Ouest France

► Press release Télégramme

 Le 02/12/2021

Review of the shoreline clean-up operations  - MV Wakashio oil spill, Mauritius

Take a look at our video of the clean-up operations!

More info on the clean-up operations

Le 29/10/2021

Supply of oil spill equipment

We recently supplied oil spill equipment intended to equip a foreign pattroller including : 

Le 29/09/2021

Cleaning of a pond, Combrit, France

Our company made an intervention in the Botanical Park of Cornouaille to carry out the cleaning of the pond with our amphibious machine Truxor. We thank the Park for trusting us to carry out this intervention.

Le 09/09/2021

Label "Used by French Armed Forces"

Ou company is honoured to have been awarded the label “used by French armed forces” for the our dispersant spraying system SPK by the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

More information about our dispersant spraying systems


Supply of dispersant spraying systems

We thank Total E&P Angola for trusting us again for the supply of 6 complete dispersant spraying systems (ramps, powerpack, hoses etc.).

We offer standard systems but we also provide tailor-made systems to meet to your specific requirements, contact us for more info!


Clean-up operations in local ports, France

The Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise has once again commissioned the company Le Floch Dépollution to collect underwater macro waste, in Douarnenez (from June 14 to 18, 2021) and in Le Conquet (from June 21 to 23, 2021) .

These operations allowed us once again to recover a lot of waste (tires, nets, batteries). At the port of Rosmeur in Douarnenez, our team made an unusual discovery: an 8m torpedo containing 350 kg of explosives!


Wakashio - Mauritius 2020/2021 

The grounding of the bulk carrier MV Wakashio in july 2020, which spilled more than 1 000 tons of oil, highly impacted the south-east mauritian shoreline.

An unprecedented disaster impacting a region characterized by its diversity and significant ecological wealth (coral reefs, mangroves, endemic species, etc.)...

Click here for a throwback of these operations