News 2020 / 2021

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Le 29/10/2021

Supply of oil spill equipment

We recently supplied oil spill equipment intended to equip a foreign pattroller including :

  • Containerizes hydraulic boom reel with 200 m of fence boom

  • Containerized dispersant spraying lance system

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Le 29/09/2021

Cleaning of a pond, Combrit, France

Our company made an intervention in the Botanical Park of Cornouaille to carry out the cleaning of the pond with our amphibious machine Truxor. We thank the Park for trusting us to carry out this intervention.

Le 09/09/2021

Label "Used by French Armed Forces"

Ou company is honoured to have been awarded the label “used by French armed forces” for the our dispersant spraying system SPK by the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

More information about our dispersant spraying systems

Le 20/08/2021

Presentation of a conveyor for collection of sargassum

Our company designed a new equipment : the conveyor for the collection of sargassum. A presentation was made on August 5th, 2021 on the beahc Etang Buisson at Saint-François, Guadeloupe.

See our section dedicated to sargassum

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Supply of dispersant spraying systems

We thank Total E&P Angola for trusting us again for the supply of 6 complete dispersant spraying systems (ramps, powerpack, hoses etc.).

We offer standard systems but we also provide tailor-made systems to meet to your specific requirements, contact us for more info!

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Clean-up operations in local ports, France

The Parc Naturel Marin d'Iroise has once again commissioned the company Le Floch Dépollution to collect underwater macro waste, in Douarnenez (from June 14 to 18, 2021) and in Le Conquet (from June 21 to 23, 2021) .

These operations allowed us once again to recover a lot of waste (tires, nets, batteries). At the port of Rosmeur in Douarnenez, our team made an unusual discovery: an 8m torpedo containing 350 kg of explosives!


Wakashio - Mauritius 2020/2021

The grounding of the bulk carrier MV Wakashio in july 2020, which spilled more than 1 000 tons of oil, highly impacted the south-east mauritian shoreline.

An unprecedented disaster impacting a region characterized by its diversity and significant ecological wealth (coral reefs, mangroves, endemic species, etc.)...

Click here for a throwback of these operations


CSL Virginia / Ulysse - France - 2018/2019

One year ago, our teams ended the cleaning operations in the South of France of the pollution caused by the collision of the ships CSL Virginia and Ulysse.

Click here for a throwback of these operations


Sargassum Caribbean Project

Our company made an intervention in Guadeloupe for :

- the deployment of boom to protect areas from sargassum and deflect the sargassum

- the screening/beach cleaning of areas impacted by sargassum in Sainte-Anne and Saint-François.

Take a look a our Sargassum section

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Oil Spill - Port of Roscoff

Le Floch Dépollution made an intervention during 3 days this february for the cleaning of docks located in the Port of Roscoff, France following an accidental spill. Our team made the following operations :

  • deployment of sorbent booms;

  • high pressure cleaning, pumping and rinsing operations;

  • recovery of the polluted sorbents deployed by the municipalitie's agents;

  • storage and transfer of waste.