Technical assistance, Angola

Le Floch Dépollution was assigned by Total E&P Angola with a mission of technical support, detailed inventory and maintenance of the oil spill response equipment for a duration of 2 weeks in december 2016.


Technical assistance, Congo

Le Floch Dépollution made an intervention on behalf of the companies ILOGS and SEAS within the framework of dredging works for the deepening of an access channel in the Autonomous Port of Pointe-Noire, Congo.

This mission was carried out over a period of 1 month, from mid-november to mid-december 2016, during which the following operations was achieved :

  • Deployment of a containment boom

  • Oil pumping and skimming operations

  • Creation and installation of a decanting system


Supply of oil spill response equipment

Le Floch Dépollution delivered oil spill response equipment to the shipbuilder OCEA for which our team carried out the commissioning/training.

One spraying dispersant system and 200m of containment boom on containerized reel have been delivered for the Senegalese patroller FOULADOU.


MARENDA Project, Côte d'Ivoire

Le Floch Dépollution is still involved in the MARENDA Project which aim at improving data management and exchange in and between ports and to improve emergency response capacity against maritime pollution in five countries of Western and Central Africa.

In this context, 2 consultants from our maritime service participated in this seminar which was held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast from September 28th to October 7th, 2016 to conduct this training divided in two phases :

- The first phase consisted in providing a theoretical training on oil spill response for the various authorities in charge of such pollutions (Administrations, local authorities and industrials)

- The second phase included a table-top exercise of crisis management, to evaluate their readiness in a specific simulation scenario

The participants were able to test their new national contingency plan and thus determine the actions to undertake to improve their oil spill response capabilities.


Oil Spill Response Ste Anne sur Brivet, France

Our maritim service has been mobilised for the clean-up operations following the oil leak which occurred on April 5th in Saint-Anne-sur-Brivet (Loire-Atlantique) from the Donges-Vern-sur-Seiche pipeline.

These operations were carried out on on two different environment :

- Urban area :

  • Pumping, dredging, cleaning of the entire residential area pipeing system

  • Clean-up, rinsing and maintenance of ditches

- Natural area :

  • Skimming operations on two ponds and nearby watercourses for pollutant recovery

  • Depollution of wet meadows, willows and the different contaminated banks located on the site

  • Rehabilation of affected areas at the end of clean-up operations


Collection of macrowaste, Molène, France

Le Floch Dépollution was assigned by The Iroise Marine Natural Park (Parc Naturel Marin d' Iroise) the collection of macro-waste on islands Lédénez Vraz and Lédénez Vihan, in the archipelago of Molène, Brittany, France.

Our Maritime Department collected 15 m3 of waste that have been transferred on the continent in a appropriate aste treatment center.

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Our Maritime department is currently involved in the MARENDA project which has been developed by the following partners : ACP, CETMAR, World Maritime University and European Union.

The main aim of the Programme is to support development in specific areas of maritime transport in Africa, with focus on maritime safety in Western and Central African countries.

One of the main objective is the establishment of emergency response mechanisms against maritime environment pollution.

The main purpose is to support national authorities (Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana &Nigeria) and regional coordination bodies responsible for the maritime transport sector in planning and implementation of strategy and actions on marine environment protection and emergency response in coastal waters and port basins.

Two trainers from Le Floch Dépollution carried out a mission in the Port of Dakar, Senegal, from 10th to 21sdt January 2016 with 2 distinct purposes :

  • The training of national authorities to oil spill response

  • The achievement of a table-top exercise for crisis management in case of oil spill

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Le 10/01/2016

Supply of oil spill response equipment, French Navy

Le Floch Dépollution was awarded a contract by the French Navy for the supply of 3 mobiles dispersant spraying systems.

The commissioning took place on November 30th, 2015 in our facilities with CEPPOL representatives (Centre of Pratical Expertise in Pollution Response).

For more information regarding our dispersant spraying systems, please visit our dedicated section by clicking here